Website Audit


What is Website Audit?

The main fundamental advance for an effective SEO crusade is to complete a site review. This will give you a depiction of where your site is as of now, helping you to screen execution, and furthermore distinguishes any potential issues that need fixing before beginning.

Website audit

  • Keyword rankings

    We’ll disclose to you where you rank for your relevant keywords on all the significant web indexes.

  • Website loading speed

    We’ll disclose to you how quick (or moderate) your site is, and methods you can use to speed it up.

  • URL structure

    We’ll disclose to you how SEO benevolent your URL structure is, and manners by which you can improve.

  • Page metatags

    We’ll disclose to you whether your page titles and descriptions are optimized for your targeted keywords

  • Image optimisation

    We’ll disclose to you whether your picture description and alt tags are enhanced for your targeted keywords.

  • Header tags

    We’ll disclose to you whether you have header tags that are optimized for your targeted keywords.

  • Website copy

    We’ll reveal to you how many duplicate you have and whether it is improved for your targeted keywords.

  • Mobile friendly

    We’ll let you know whether your site is mobile friendly. Mobile-friendly website increases user engagement on mobile devices.

  • External links

    We’ll disclose to you the number of external links build for your site and can provide you multiple ways to build high quality external links to increase quality traffic.